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Changing Your Push Notifications

If you prefer, you can change what push notifications you receive from {{#tlo}}Transparent Language Online{{/tlo}}{{#rr5}}the CL-150{{/rr5}} on this device. These notifications can remind you to refresh any of your learned vocab items in the current language that have become stale. If you use {{#tlo}}Transparent Language Online{{/tlo}}{{#rr5}}the CL-150{{/rr5}} on more than one device, you can have separate push notifications on each device.

Note: If push notifications from Transparent Language have previously been disallowed on this device, a message telling you so will appear in place of the options described below. {{#web}}Click{{/web}}{{^web}}Tap{{/web}} Enable Push Notifications on that message, then {{#web}}click{{/web}}{{^web}}tap{{/web}} Open Settings on the popup which appears. You can then use the system settings to enable push notifications for Transparent Language. Once the device is set to permit push notifications from Transparent Language, you can follow the instructions below.

To change your push notifications for the current device:

  1. If you are not already on the Push Notifications screen, go there by {{#web}}clicking{{/web}}{{^web}}tapping{{/web}} Push Notifications on the App Settings screen or by {{#web}}clicking{{/web}}{{^web}}tapping{{/web}} Enable on a message about push notifications.
  2. If you want to receive a push notification with your most stale vocab item in the current language every day, {{^mobile}}set the Daily Refreshers switch to On{{/mobile}}{{#mobile}}mark YES in the Daily Refreshers section{{/mobile}}. (If you want to receive Daily Refreshers for more than one language, you must open each language and enable the notifications separately.) If none of your learned vocab items are stale, the fresh vocab item that is closest to becoming stale will be used. If you have not yet learned any vocab items, you will not receive Daily Refreshers until you do. If you do not want to receive these push notifications in the current language, {{^mobile}}set the switch to Off{{/mobile}}{{#mobile}}mark NO{{/mobile}}.
  3. {{#tlo}}

    Note: This Daily Refresher push notification setting is independent of the Daily Refresher emails which you can sign up for by Editing Your User Profile. You can choose either, both, or neither of the Daily Refresher options, as you prefer.


At any time, you can also{{#phone}} tap Goal to check your goal progress, tap Notifications to display your notifications, or tap Menu and{{/phone}} do any of the following:

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