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Using the Orientation Course Screen

The Orientation Course screen provides general information and links related to the {{#rr5}}CL-150 {{/rr5}}Orientation Course and {{#rr5}}CL-150 {{/rr5}}Instructor Certification.

To use the Orientation Course screen:

  1. Read the information on the screen to learn more about the {{#rr5}}CL-150 {{/rr5}}Orientation Course and {{#rr5}}CL-150 {{/rr5}}Instructor Certification.
  2. If you want to launch the course itself, {{#web}}click{{/web}}{{^web}}tap{{/web}} the link recommended for your user type (learner, instructor, or program manager). You can also use any of the links in the Instructor Certification section if needed.

At any time, you can also{{#phone}} tap Goal to check your goal progress, tap Notifications to display your notifications, or tap Menu and{{/phone}} do any of the following:

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