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Making Journal Entries

Journal entries let you record time that you spent on language learning outside of {{#tlo}}Transparent Language Online{{/tlo}}{{#rr5}}the CL-150{{/rr5}}. For example, you may choose to track time spent reading foreign books or newspapers, chatting with friends or fellow learners in the target language, watching foreign TV shows, browsing foreign websites, and so on.{{#mobile}} Journal entries will not be available in offline mode.{{/mobile}}{{#tlo}}{{^mobile}} Journal entries may not be available in all versions of the program and are not available for guest accounts.{{/mobile}}{{/tlo}}

Note: In addition to reporting your outside learning time here, you can also add words or phrases that you've learned from other sources to your learned vocab in this program. To do so, go to the View Learned Vocab screen by clicking {{^mobile}}MANAGE{{/mobile}}{{#mobile}}VIEW{{/mobile}} in the Learned Vocab section of the Learning screen, and consult Managing Learned Vocab Items for details.

To make a journal entry:

  1. Fill in the supporting details for your entry:
  2. Enter the journal entry itself in the Journal entry field. Include as many details as you think are useful about what you did and how it helped your language learning. Entries can be up to 1024 characters long, including spaces. This field is required.
  3. {{#web}}Click{{/web}}{{^web}}Tap{{/web}} SUBMIT.
  4. On the review screen that pops up, read through all the information and make sure it is correct. If so, {{#web}}click{{/web}}{{^web}}tap{{/web}} SAVE to save your entry. If not, {{#web}}click{{/web}}{{^web}}tap{{/web}} CANCEL and make your corrections.

You can run journal entry reports to display all of your previous journal entries. The self-reported time from your journal entries will also be included in your total learning time in {{#rr5}}activity{{/rr5}}{{#tlo}}transcript{{/tlo}} reports.

At any time, you can also{{#phone}} tap Goal to check your goal progress, tap Notifications to display your notifications, or tap Menu and{{/phone}} do any of the following:

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