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Generating Journal Entry Reports

Journal reports detail all the self-reported language learning time you have submitted to {{#tlo}}Transparent Language Online{{/tlo}}{{#rr5}}the CL-150{{/rr5}}. To run a journal report, you must enter information about the dates and languages to include. (Note: For instructions on making journal entries, consult Making Journal Entries.)


Note: Reporting will not be available in offline mode.


To generate a journal report:

  1. Do one of the following to set the date range for this report:
  2. Choose which languages should be included in the report:
  3. {{^phone}}{{/phone}} {{#phone}}{{/phone}}
  4. When you have set all your options, {{#web}}click{{/web}}{{^web}}tap{{/web}} GENERATE REPORT.
  5. {{#phone}}The report will be generated as a PDF. When report generation is complete, tap DOWNLOAD to download the file. {{/phone}}{{^phone}}Consult Understanding Journal Entry Reports for information on reading the report when it appears.{{/phone}}

At any time, you can also{{#phone}} tap Goal to check your goal progress, tap Notifications to display your notifications, or tap Menu and{{/phone}} do any of the following:

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