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Sharing a KidSpeak Link

If you think a fellow language learner might enjoy the KidSpeak program, you can share a link to it.

To share a KidSpeak link:

  1. {{#web}}Click{{/web}}{{^web}}Tap{{/web}} KidSpeak in the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Copy Shareable Link in the menu which appears. The link will be copied to the Clipboard.
  3. Paste the link into another program, then send it to a fellow {{#tlo}}Transparent Language Online{{/tlo}}{{#rr5}}CL-150{{/rr5}} user via email, instant message, or any other method. That user will be able to use the link to go directly to KidSpeak in {{#tlo}}Transparent Language Online{{/tlo}}{{#rr5}}the CL-150{{/rr5}}. Note: The recipient of the link will be required to log into {{#tlo}}Transparent Language Online{{/tlo}}{{#rr5}}the CL-150{{/rr5}} using a valid username and password.{{#tlo}} If you access Transparent Language Online through an organization, such as a school or library, the recipient of the link must be a user who is registered with the same organization.{{/tlo}}

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