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Searching for Languages

The Choose a Language to Learn screen allows you to search for specific languages.{{#mobile}} Note: In offline mode, only languages for which you have already downloaded lessons will appear.{{/mobile}}

To search for specific languages on the Choose a Language to Learn screen:

  1. Type all or part of the language name you want to find in the Search field. Searches are not case-sensitive. If you prefer, you can search for specific dialects or other options, such as transliterated languages.
  2. As you type, a list of suggested languages will appear under the menu. If you find the language you want, select it. If not, {{#web}}click{{/web}}{{^web}}tap{{/web}} Search{{#web}} or press the Enter key{{/web}} to run the search. The search results will be listed on the screen.
  3. Do any of the following:

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