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Filtering the Learning Path

If necessary, you can use the filters to control which of the lessons in your learning path are shown on the Learning screen. You can choose to show or hide lessons based on their completion status (Not Started, In Progress, or Completed). By default, lessons that are not started or in progress are shown, while completed lessons are hidden.

To filter the lessons on the learning path:

  1. {{#web}}Click{{/web}}{{^web}}Tap{{/web}} Filter above the learning path.
  2. Do any or all of the following in the Lesson Status menu which appears:
  3. {{#web}}Click{{/web}}{{^web}}Tap{{/web}} anywhere outside of the menu to close it and continue using the Learning screen.

Note: If a lesson does not appear on your learning path even with all the filters on, it has probably not been added to the path. To add it, locate it on the Browse screen and {{#web}}click{{/web}}{{^web}}tap{{/web}}{{^phone}} Add to My Path beside it, or {{#web}}click{{/web}}{{^web}}tap{{/web}}{{/phone}} Show More Options then {{#web}}click{{/web}}{{^web}}tap{{/web}} ADD TO MY PATH. If the lesson is an assignment, you can also add it to your learning path from the Assignment screen.

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