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Learning about Registration

Below, you will find information on licensing and activating this app.

{{#tlo}} Current Users of Transparent Language Online
If you are currently a Transparent Language Online user, you can use this app to further address your language learning objectives. To access the mobile application, please enter your Transparent Language Online username, then tap SUBMIT. If your username is found at more than one organization, you will then be prompted to select the one with which you registered your account. After that, you will be asked for your Transparent Language Online password. Alternatively, you can tap SCAN QR CODE to scan the QR code from the Mobile Access screen in Transparent Language Online.

All Others
If you do not have a Transparent Language Online account, you will not be able to use this version of the app. {{/tlo}} {{#rr5}} Current Users of the CL-150
As a CL-150 user, you already have access to this flexible tool to address your language learning objectives. To access the application, please enter your CL-150 username and synchronization password. This information can be found on the Mobile Access screen in the CL-150 Learning Portal.

USG Personnel Unsure of Access
All USG personnel who have access to the CL-150 can download a series of language-learning programs and their associated content, including the mobile app. If you are still unsure of your CL-150 access, please email or consult your organization's language program manager.

Non-government Personnel
The CL-150 and its associated applications are only for U.S. Government personnel members who have been licensed by Transparent Language. {{/rr5}}

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